All of these 3 Pyramid proportions strictly adhere to the divine ratio or PHI.

                            The difference between them relates to how the formula is applied. 

In my sacred geometry video I show how the ratio is calculated  by measuring the apothem of one of the pyramid faces and the distance from the centre of the Giza Pyramid. With the Nubian and Russian  the ratio is calculated by measuring the whole length of  the base  against the apothem.

That's why the Giza looks different to the Nubian and Russian Pyramid. When you change the way the formula is applied then the shape changes. The slant angle of the Giza will be 51.83 degrees and                                                the Nubian and Russian will both be 72 degrees.

                          So what's the difference between the Russian and Nubian Pyramid?

           Essentially  they are the same except the Russian Pyramid contains no metallic parts.


             The question everyone asks is how their energies differ. The simplest way to explain the                    difference is with Giza think 'Subtle Healing'. With Nubian and Russian think 'Energizing'.