Shared Stories

Since we began building our Pyramids in 2007 we have been overwhelmed by the positive and heartfelt responses from people from all over the world who have used our Pyramids and connectors.​ It's wonderful to know that we are all part of a thriving community of like minded people who share a common understanding and connection.
Everyone below are happy to share their story with you. 


October 2021 - Lalor VIC Australia
I’m so excited to have received my Russian meditational pyramid. Kylie and Mark were so very friendly and informative and the dimensions of the pyramid are spot on. Highly recommend. Thank you

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August 2021 - Brisbane QLD Australia
I’m so excited to have received my Russian meditational pyramid. Kylie and Mark were so very friendly and informative and the dimensions of the pyramid are spot on. Highly recommend. Thank you


August 2021 - Sydney NSW Australia
Mark & Kylie are amazing people and very helpful. I bought 2 pyramids and they are very powerful. I meditate in under them every day. I love it as I can feel cosmic energy coming in. I will recommend everyone to buy from them if you are in the market to buy pyramids.

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October 2017 - Sydney NSW Australia

An amazing piece of technology, the pyramid that is. 
Im not the most sensitive to energies, I can feel and hear even see the vibrations surging through into all of my sense doors. 
Meditation has been very nice too, I let go into deeper states 2-3 times quicker. When I worked with the crystal appophyllite(big piece on my lap) I saw visions and scenarios of people which seems to be a past life scenario.... 
Focusing on the crown chakra whilst relaxing on the inhale and exhale of breath makes my energy surge up so much better..  from the root chakra into the infinite!
Which crystals have you worked with, and which do you suggest? I'm planning to stick a few selenite wands into the base pipes. That should induce a very cleansing field to sit in. Pretty much experimenting as I go for now.
Many thanks for your connectors and apex, you are apart of my spiritual evolution now. 
Keep up the good work! 
Cheers, Fred 

August 2017 - Katoomba NSW Australia

It's up and assembled! So easy to do. Thank you so much Mark for the great job you did. Will spread the word about the quality of your workmanship and ease of assembly to others here at the three sisters/ blue mountains. With all the hippies that live here I'm sure you will get some business out of it. Thanks again Brendon

18th August 2017 Strongsville Ohio USA

Hi Mark, have had the new pyramid set up and using it.  The new one 72 deg. Seems to be more energizing whereas the other seems to be a more subtle healing energy.....  Have an awesome day. Corky

10th August 2017 Paddington Queensland Australia

Hi Mark and Kylie

Just wanted to give you an update and thank you again for the copper pyramid I purchased from you a couple of weeks ago.


At first I really struggled to sit under the pinnacle for more than 10 minutes at a time as my body felt a bit like an electrical current; it was way too strong. So much pressure in the head—there was too much information to process. I experimented with sitting to one side, laying down, sitting on a small wooden stool, sitting with my eyes open… 


Eventually, after practicing daily to sit in there for just the ten minutes, I’ve found I can now easily meditate for a full hour before resurfacing. Once I’m settled in, I become free from distractions and drop into stillness very quickly… almost like I can’t hear what’s going outside the pyramid and I have ‘pin-point’ focus – it’s AMAZING! Guess it just took a little while to adjust.


I’m meditating for all of humanity in these turbulent times and am hoping, with the amplification of pyramid power, I can step up my practice and do my part in bringing us all a little closer to raising our collective consciousness and quickly. Bring on the August Solar Eclipse!


Many thanks for creating such perfect instruments for the awakening few.

Nikki xo

16th July 2017 Phlugerville Texas USA

G'Day Mark,

I received my connectors and set up my pyramid this morning. These are awesome, They have a perfect snug fit! No problems whatsoever, Can't wait to do my meditation.
Thank you so much! Sandra

15th July  2017 Coomera Waters Queensland Australia

Hello Mark, Thank you so much for the video and for the call yesterday evening..... I have set up the pyramid effortlessly with the help of my 9 year old beautiful daughter. We are currently furnishing the finishing touches with crystals and blankets.

Thank you again for all your assistance and the gorgeous pyramid. Many thanks to Kylie for personally dropping it off. 


Big hugs and love xxx Kathryn.

22nd August 2013 Townsville Australia

Hi Kylie and Mark, Finally put together pyramid yesterday, the energy level in my room was 5.5 out of 10, with the pyramid it was increased to 10 out of 10, very big difference, I tried to sleep under it last night but the energy was to strong, so I will have to get used to it gradually. My wife also tried it as well and it was too strong for her, but this is good as it gives us an indication of the energy level, and using it will be most beneficial. I had a thought that also perhaps this pyramid as with all other pyramids are acting as a portal to direct the energy from the spiritual realm down onto this earth realm, as above, so below; Although in truth it is acting like a magnifying glass by drawing together the vast energy supply and focusing this energy into a small area, making it a very important area of energy supply for those on this planet. Perhaps other folk have the same thought? My pendulum reading of the pyramid is that it is constant, but perhaps there have been some other feedback to indicate otherwise. I still have not slept all night as the energy is very strong but I am getting used to it. 

Thanks very much. Laurence. 

1st Feb 2013 Kingswood Australia

Hi Kylie, I just wanted to let you know I have received my pyramid. It is very solid, I love it. Thank you. Thank you for all your help, Nadia 

25th May 2011 Kew Australia

Hi Kylie, Just a quick note to let you know that my pyramid arrived safe and sound, thank you! I have meditated under it that last 2 mornings - fabulous! thanks so much!! Yolanda. Kew VIC 

13th April 2012 Brisbane Australia

Hi Kylie, First thing we noticed is that our beautiful cats have become sphinxes. For the first 48 hours the pyramid was up, they both stayed in it, only to come out now and then to eat, then rushed back upstairs to lay in the pyramid. Both are rescue cats….they were heading for RSPCA 'put to sleep' and the eldest, now 11, had a systemic infection that we have tried EVERYTHING to clear up. After being in the pyramid, her eyes were for the first time completely clear. No weeping at all. If she has a day out of the pyramid, her eyes weep again. So, that was / is rather dramatic. Then, when I got in, the weirdest things happened. So….I got in the pyramid the first time, sat up, and ZAP, my head almost exploded with colour, zaps, weird pulses etc. I tried to get the energy to move down but it got stuck around my throat area. After a couple of minutes it passed down and almost reached my lower back, but by then, my head was buzzing too much. WOW - It was a complete turnaround. Like my meditation was upside down. From above to below, as opposed to my usual below, spreading upwards. So I guess the energy is pretty much channelled in from the top of the pyramid and gathering around my throat area. My solution, was, to lie down. Lying down, I went straight into a deep sleep. And get this….ZERO PAIN. Fantastic ! The next couple of days, I simply lay down to nap in the pyramid, rather than sit up and meditate. The pain free kicks in after about two minutes, so it allows me to drag out the medication an extra couple of hours which is great ! So, it is definitely so far, working on my pain which is GREAT ! I wasn't expecting such a dramatic result with that….long may it be so. Something else weird happened: the first night we had it up, I had just completed a nap in it, and my husband went into the room, to turn off the music / chanting he heard coming from it. He went in, heard the music / chanting,…..but there was NO CD player or anything playing music at all. I hadn't listened to anything (I dislike music or talking while meditating, it distracts me, I love the silence). So, that totally freaked him out ! My husband falls asleep nicely in the pyramid, and doesn't feel all the head zapping and stuff when he sits up. Guess as a lifelong meditator, I may be more sensitive to those kinds of energies. Anyway, the zero pain while I'm in there is FABULOUS ! And I'm taking the sitting meditations slowly and only every couple of days for a max of ten minutes because of the strong effects in my head. Each day I take a nap with my lovely sphinxes in there. Getting used to the energy. Lying down in it, seems less intense. Thanks again for our wonderful pyramid. I'll keep in touch with any updates Sorry about the novelette email, there is so much feedback for such a short time. I'll let you know how it all goes as I get used to the pyramid energies and it gets used to me. Taking it slow for now, since it's so powerful on me. Thanks Kylie


26th May 2011 Jindabyne Australia

Thankyou for the update. By the way the energy in the pyramid is lovely. Linda. 

30th March 2011 Taiwan

Hi Kylie, Just want to let you know, the lovely pyramid has been arrived! My wife and I both love it very much! Once again, thank you very much. Best wishes, James.

25th August  2010  St Abans Australia

Hi Mark, Just a quick follow up to let you know how things are going with the copper pyramid. I have set it up in my meditation and healing room, I have meditated a number of times both in and around it, I use it to charge crystals and healing tools. I am feeling that the vibration of the whole house is raising, it feels like it has created a vortex of positive energy, it is so beautiful. I am so grateful to you Mark and Kylie for making the pyramid for me, I wish you both all the best for the new year. Kind regards Rik