Prayer of Protection

Many years ago I attended a spiritual development circle where I first came upon this Prayer of Protection. It is simple and brief, however it is powerful and it WORKS!

The facilitator running the group used it every morning before she slipped her feet into her slippers on climbing out of bed. This lady was very psychic and a typical day saw her giving readings and also clear houses and buildings with active energy and entities.

I state this every day on my way to work before connecting in a healing capacity with my clients, before meditation and also when driving. This Prayer is useful to promptly cleanse spaces, rooms, your house and crystals. Our children can quote this Prayer off by heart and have been saying it since they were very small.

I have successfully used this Prayer in challenging times when I have come across negative energy. Negative energy CANNOT penetrate the LIGHT.

"In the name of God

I call upon the Spirits of Light

To stand guard at the doorway of my soul

To guide me in the ways of Love, Light and Truth

And to protect me from the forces of darkness and deception


And so it is".

Many blessings to you xx

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